We had a really fun time today, thank you to everyone who came and helped us celebrate! Budderball the Clown was here painting faces, and we were able to give over 150 items (cupcakes or similar value)! …but of course we were so busy I never took a picture! We offered 16 variety of cupcakes, including our newest flavor, Cookies & Cream; 5 cake pop varieties, some pies, cobblers, cheesecake, et cetera… so much delicious fun!

It’s been a wonderful first year, we’ve enjoyed becoming a part of our new community in Rohnert Park while continuing to serve all of Sonoma County and surrounding areas. For those who don’t know, our first 11 years in business titled “Occasional Cakes”, I think I’m finally getting used to our new name and having a store front bakery. It’s been really fun, and we look forward to adding more products as we’re able. Definitely contact us for special requests.

We love what we do, thank you for stopping by!

A displayed variety of cupcakes.